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Is it time for a virtual office? With a virtual office, busy business owners can work from home or warehouse, ranch or truck while their mail and phone calls come to Kavleys.This keeps your personal addresses and phone numbers private plus presents a professional appearance for new and returning customers. Your business calls are answered by our friendly receptionist and may be forwarded to your voice mail, your home phone or recorded in a message log. It’s your choice!


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At Kavleys, we’ve created a work-suite environment. We make sure you have access to the latest technology in computers, Smart Boards, Internet access, email, video conferencing and more.

Our services help you remain focused on being productive. If you require a private meeting room for employee interview, performance reviews, business meetings of any kind, just schedule the room with Kavleys receptionist. Our conference rooms are equipped with the latest technology to assist in your formal presentations or provide video conferencing.


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